Diemme Caffé vårt italienska gourmetkaffe från Padova

Diemmes inköpare är otroligt noggranna i sitt urval – endast de bästa bönorna passerar de högt ställda kraven från familjen Dubbini.

Här har vi bett rosterichefen berätta om processen:

In producing the Caffè Diemme blends, selection has always been the first crucial stage, and a lot attention and care has gone into this activity.
Only the best green beans are imported from reputable coffee producing countries whose plantations our experts periodically inspect and must approve for quality, at every phase of production. Our solid octagenerian experience in the field has enabled us to consolidate business relations with reliable suppliers who offer only a high grade product and, in harvesting, opt for the picking system and then the more dependable wet-processing, methods that yield a pure, consistent, flawless and aromatic supply of beans.
The import phase of coffee is a very delicate process that requires all of our product supplies to pass ”an approval test”. Only after passing such tests, on location, do we ship two samples of raw beans directly to our company to begin the initial quality control trials. For the tests, only one of the two samples is tested. When approved, the second sample is stored away as proof of its confirmation. Also worth noting is that the coffee shipment, once it has reached a port in Italy, and prior to being transferred to our company, still undergoes further testing from our company experts who collect a final sample from some of the bags, and compare the product with the one that was stored away. If tests result positive then the coffee is finally accepted by our company.



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